Stolen Cash Tracking System

Pegasus Technologies, Inc. has partnered with BlueTracs, formerly ETS and ProNet, to bring to international markets the most widely used and successful electronic cash tracking system in the world. The TracPac Cash Tracking System.


RF Transmitter Enhancement for GPS trackers.

Pegasus manufactures the MicroTrac transmitter, an RF transmitter designed specifically to give radio frequency tracking capability to existing GPS asset or fleet tracking units. The MicroTrac unit is very small and can usually be installed within your existing GPS unit enclosure, or remotely from your GPS unit for added protection against discovery. It can be activated remotely via a GPS unit remote output, a GPS Jamming detection output, or automatically via tamper detection. The MicroTrac RF signal is then tracked using our Hand-Held and Mobile Tracking Receivers.

VectorTrac LTE


CoreTrac LTE Module


Smartphone Applications

Pegasus Technologies has developed some very unique smartphone applications that focus on consumer safety and security as well as a few that are targeted specifically to GPS tracking system administrators.

Law Enforcement Tracking Products

Pegasus has created a line of tracking solutions specifically designed for law enforcement agencies that are looking to implement or expand their own bait bike or other bait property tracking programs. Because of the covert nature of these products, we have limited information available for public view. Our law enforcement products consist of the following items:

  • Bait Bike and Stolen Property Tracking Solutions
  • Ultra-small RF Tracking Beacons
  • BlueTracs/ETS compatible beacons and tracking receivers
  • Custom installation of tracking devices into unique bait assets

Please email us for more detailed information and pricing.