Pegasus Technologies provides electronic tracking solutions to companies around the world looking to offer specialized tracking services within their respective geographical regions. Our innovative tracking solutions are designed to secure cash, high-value merchandise, and valuable assets while enabling the rapid apprehension of criminals and overall crime reduction.


TracPac System

Theft Tracking and Recovery for:
Cash, Jewelry, Pharmaceuticles, Electronics, and other High-Theft Items

MicroTrac System

RF Transmitter Module and Tracking Solution for existing GPS trackers

VectorTrac LTE Sytem

GPS / RF / LTE-M1 Hybrid Tracker for valuable assets

Mobile Apps

Lost child and phone tracking app

Law Enforcement and Security Solutions

ETS / BlueTracs RF Tracking Solutions. Sting and Stakeout Kits, Vehicle Trackers, Cash Tags, Motion Beacons, and anything ETS related.

Investigative Media Tracking Services

Sample Videos of our Media Work