About Pegasus Technologies, Inc.

Pegasus Technologies was founded in 1991 intent on developing an affordable stolen vehicle recovery system that could be implemented in populated cities around the globe. In 1994, while working towards this goal, Pegasus released the ProAct Bait Car Tracking and Control System and began selling this system to law enforcement agencies in the US. The ProAct system started our long-standing and ongoing commitment to providing law enforcement agencies with innovative tracking solutions to combat various types of crimes. Our tracking solutions have been used to capture many thousands of criminals, used by almost 100 police agencies throughout the United States.

We remain focused on the development of very unique and specialized tracking devices and solutions. While there are literally hundreds of companies manufacturing and marketing GPS trackers, we have chosen a different path. Our 20-plus years of experience in theft tracking and recovery has given us the clarity to create the best possible solutions for the successful recovery of valuable assets and the quick apprehension of criminals. Take a look at our products to see what makes us different.
Pegasus Technologies, Inc. is currently seeking sales and service partnerships in international markets for its vehicle, asset and cash tracking technologies. Contact Jason Cecchettini at Pegasus Technologies for more information.

Corporate Management

Jason Cecchettini, President and Chief Executive Officer
Robert Brownlee, Senior Vice President and Director of Engineering
Kyle White, Vice President of Software Development