Innovative tracking solutions for a constantly changing global market

Pegasus Technologies, Inc. has been developing innovative electronic tracking solutions since the creation of our first Bait Car tracking and control system in 1994.  Since that time, our VectorTrac stolen vehicle recovery system has been deployed in numerous countries around the world including Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Curacao, Trinidad and Tobago, and others, and has assisted in the recovery of many millions of dollars in stolen vehicles as well as the rescue of several carjack/kidnap victims.  In the US, our Law Enforcement tracking solutions, such as our bait bike tracking system, have been used to capture thousands of criminals and have thus prevented many thousands of further theft and property crimes from ever occurring. 

Currently our focus is on the development of unique and very specialized tracking devices and solutions.  While there are literally hundreds of companies manufacturing and marketing GPS/Cellular trackers, we have chosen a different path.  Our years of experience in theft tracking has given us the clarity to create the best possible solutions for the successful recovery of valuable assets. 

We currently offer our solutions to companies world-wide wishing to provide theft recovery services within their own countries.