Vehicle Crime Prevention Tips

Remember These Tips

  • Don't leave anything of value, or anything that looks like it may have value, in plain view in your car. Even an empty backpack will be inviting to a thief. They don’t know that it’s empty.
  • Don't leave anything in your car with your name and address on it. Carry your registration and insurance card in your wallet.
  • Keep you car keys on a separate key ring from your house keys. Park only in well-lit, busy areas.
  • Do not put items of value in your trunk while shopping. Your trunk is easy to break into and thieves watch for people placing items in their trunks. If you have to leave something in your car, pull over and place it in your trunk before you get to where you are going.
  • Install motion sensor flood lights on the front of your house. This will not only help protect vehicles parked in front of your house but will also help protect your home and your family.

Vehicle Alarms

Vehicle alarms can be a deterrent to amateur car thieves and car burglars. Some alarms disable the vehicle's starter or fuel pump until reset by the vehicle owner while others merely make noise and are usually ignored. The alarms with the disable feature are the most effective. Keep in mind that even the best alarms can be bypassed. 

Steering Wheel Locks

As with car alarms, steering wheel locks or the "Club" may deter inexperienced car thieves. These devices are easy to circumvent and should not be counted on to protect your car, especially if you drive a popular model that is often stolen for parts. Thieves can very easily cut the steering wheel or remove the lock from the bar itself.

Vehicle Recovery Systems

There are several types of vehicle recovery systems available, although not all are available in all areas. Some systems use electronic radio transmitting devices such as the VectorTrac and LoJack sytems. GM’s OnStar is a well-known GPS/Cellular based tracking product that can also recover a vehicle under the right circumstances. Tracking systems, especially the RF Tracking systems, are very good at getting your vehicle back after it has been stolen and when combined with a vehicle alarm, offer the best protection you can get.