The VectorTrac Stolen Vehicle Recovery System (SVRS) is a highly effective and versatile stolen vehicle monitoring, tracking, and recovery system designed specifically for export to countries where vehicle theft is a growing problem.

GPS and RF tracking combined

VectorTrac uses both GPS AND RF direction-finding technologies to provide fast and accurate location data down to the last meter. Even if the GPS signal is blocked (which could happen, for example, if the vehicle is in an undergroud garage), the RF tracking still works and can be used to locate and recover the vehicle.

The GPS signal gives an immediate location to start with. Then, tracking vehicles equipped with direction finding receivers are dispatched to locate and recover the property, even if it is moving or in a crowded parking lot or garage.


No Cellular bill

Most tracking systems that utilize GPS also require a cellular connection to get the location data from the vehicle back to the central control station. This connection costs money and significantly increases the price to the consumer which will limit the customer base. The VectorTrac system instead uses an RF data-link. The same RF signal that is used to track the vehicle is also used to send GPS and status information back to the control center.

This affordability allows for much wider market penetration than with any other technology. The VectorTrac system and its associated infrastructure may be installed in phases and is ideal for anything from small towns to the largest cities. VectorTrac will support a virtually unlimited number of vehicles.