Mobile Apps

Pegasus Technologies has developed some very unique smart-phone applications that focus on consumer safety and security as well as a few that are targeted specifically to GPS tracking system administrators.  Some of our applications include:

SMS Configurator App

This Android application was designed to simplify the frustrating task of configuring or communicating with GPS tracking or other cellular-connected devices via SMS.  The application allows the user to set up buttons within the app that will send pre-configured text messages to a GPS tracking unit with one tap of a button.  The application allows the user to create their own buttons, label the buttons, and create the text message that will be sent when the button is pressed.  The app supports multiple GPS tracking and cellular-connected systems and device manufacturers simultaneously.  A very useful app if you ever communicate with GPS or similar M2M devices via text messaging.   

Lost Phone or Child Tracking App

This simple app allows the user to track the location of a “target” phone using any other smart phone.  The app was developed to give the user the ability to find a lost phone or to check the location of their child or other loved-one without the need to install a special application on the non-target phone that is being used for tracking.  What this means to the user is that, for example, if you lose your phone, and your phone has this app installed, you can simply borrow a friends phone and track your lost phone via text message.  Simply send a specific text message to your lost phone and it will respond with its location.  It’s that simple.  Alternatively, if you have this app installed on your child’s phone, you can send a specific text message to your child and their phone will automatically respond with a text message containing its GPS location.  Is your daughter telling you that she is at the mall but there seems to be party-music in the background?  Well, now you will know the truth.  Or perhaps she has not returned home by her curfew and she is not answering her phone.  No need to worry, now you can see that she is over at Jenny’s house, probably hanging out with Jenny’s older brother, you know, the one with all the gang tatts.   

S.O.S Location Reporting App 

This unique application is designed to be used in an emergency situation where the user needs to call for help but is unable to make a phone-call for whatever reason.  When the application is started, it immediately begins to run in the background so that if the user’s phone is examined, it will not show anything obvious or out of the ordinary.  However, the application will secretly begin sending the phone’s GPS location via text message to the emergency contact designated by the user when the application was installed.  The text message will show up on the recipient’s screen as a Google map link so that the recipient can tap on the link and see the phone’s location on a Google map.  The location reporting text messages will continue about once per minute until cancelled by the user.