Radio Frequency Tracking

Enhancement for GPS Trackers

GPS is great!… Most of the time.

Modern GPS vehicle tracking systems are very effective at pinpointing a vehicle’s location, often to within a few feet.  When it comes to locating stolen vehicles, however, the popularity of GPS tracking systems turns out to be their main weakness. 

Having problems with GPS jammer?

Throughout the developed world, cargo transport fleets as well as most high-end passenger vehicles are almost always equipped with GPS location systems, and the thieves who steal these vehicles are well aware of this fact.  GPS jamming devices, easily purchased for under $20 on the internet, are now becoming almost as ubiquitous as the GPS systems they are designed to thwart.  When a vehicle containing a GPS tracking system is stolen by someone possessing a GPS jammer, the vehicle’s location can no longer be determined, thus rendering the GPS system virtually useless.  Until now…           

The GPS Jammer Solution

Pegasus Technologies, Inc. has designed a unique and effective solution that allows a stolen vehicle to be tracked and located even if the GPS device has been jammed or disconnected.  The MicroTrac Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitter adds RF tracking capability to just about any GPS tracking system on the market. 

 How it works:

PT5901 Mobile Tracking Receiver (comes with free pen!)

Installation Option 1

The MicroTrac Transmitter and backup battery are hidden somewhere within the vehicle, separate from the GPS tracking unit.  It is powered from the vehicle electrical system and can easily be installed in either 12-volt or 24-volt vehicles. 

REMOTE ACTIVATION: Input 1 is connected to an Active-Low output of the GPS device.  To activate the MicroTrac transmitter, simply remotely activate that output on the GPS device.  When the GPS device output goes low, the transmitter will begin transmitting its tracking signal encoded with its unique ID. To turn off the transmitter, simply reset the output of the GPS device. 

TAMPER ALARM: Input 2 is connected to a constant ground point on the GPS device itself, either the chassis ground or a constantly grounded output.  If a thief were to locate the GPS device and remove it from the vehicle, or even just cut its wires, the removal of the ground state on Input 2 will activate the MicroTrac Transmitter and it will continue to transmit its tracking signal until manually reset by a technician.

Installation Option 2

The MicroTrac Transmitter may also be installed within the GPS unit itself and connected directly to the GPS unit’s circuit board.  For GPS systems that are self-powered, this is the ideal option.  The positive power connection of the MicroTrac will connect directly to the positive power source.   The negative (ground) connection of the MicroTrac will connect to an active-low output of the GPS device.  This output must be capable of sinking to ground a minimum of 550mA of current.  When this output goes to ground, the MicroTrac will be powered on and begin transmitting its signal. 


The MicroTrac Transmitter is priced between USD $40.00 to $50.00 per unit depending on the quantity.  Various optional backup batteries are also available at an additional cost.  The Pegasus PT5901 Mobile Tracking Receiver, pictured below, is used to track the MicroTrac Transmitters and this unit is priced at $4000.