Law Enforcement Solutions


We at Pegasus Technologies believe that technology can render a tremendous advantage to those fighting crime in today’s society. We also believe that a proactive crime fighting strategy is much more effective than the best reactive plans. With this mindset we have developed some of the leading Proactive Law Enforcement Solutions available today.

While our products focus primarily on the apprehension of those committing thefts and trafficking in stolen property, experience with our products has proven that the people committing these crimes are in no way limiting themselves to theft crimes. A large percentage of suspects arrested for theft will undoubtedly be involved in other types of crime.

Electronic tracking Devices

Once your agency has an electronic tracking program in place, we can provide various configurations of tracking devices, motion activated or remotely controlled, for any tracking application. We are constantly working to improve upon the state of the art.


Stolen Bicycle Tracking System

Stolen Bicycle Tracking SystemBicycle theft is one of the most common property crimes in every city and college campus in the country. Despite its popularity, it is still a crime that remains difficult to solve. 


Stolen Property Tracking Systems

Stolen property tracking Designed to catch the serial thief, ProAct-IV is an RF-based Tracking System that can be used to track stolen cargo, laptop computers, car stereos, VCRs, cash, or any item likely to be stolen

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