Custom Tracking Services

For Law Enforcement and Security

Pegasus Technologies offers customized tracking device selection and installation for law enforcement and security organizations. If your agency requires the tracking of a specific item and you need assistance selecting a tracking technology or device, we can help. If you are trying to capture an elusive thief, we can also offer recommendations on the best bait items to implement, and how best to deploy such bait property, based on our vast experience working directly with law enforcement agencies with theft sting operations.

For Media Organizations

Pegasus also offers a full service tracking solution for investigative media organizations. We not only provide the tracking devices, we can also provide’s very own Jason Cecchettini to do the tracking for you, either on-air or behind the scenes. The cost for this service depends on location and the length of the time commitment. We usually require several weeks advanced notice to build the bait and schedule the travel. Please contact Jason Cecchettini to discuss your needs. Examples of our prior media work can be seen at

Valuable Item Protection 

Fine art, jewelry, rare firearms, cash, etc. can all be protected by the implementation of electronic tracking devices and programs. While the cost of such technology is prohibitive for the average consumer, extremely valuable pieces and collections may certainly justify the expense of our customization services. The typical cost to install a tracking device into a custom piece of art is $1000 plus an additional cost for the tracking receiver. The cost to outfit an entire museum art collection would generally be about $25,000 to $50,000 depending on the number of pieces and the quantity of tracking receivers needed. Please call to discuss your specific needs. Strict professional discretion is always maintained.