About Pegasus Technologies

Pegasus Technologies was created in 1991 to develop an affordable stolen vehicle recovery system that could be implemented in populated cities with no cost to local law enforcement agencies. While working towards this goal, Pegasus Technologies simultaneously developed the ProAct Stolen Vehicle Bait System which it released in 1994. The ProAct system has since revolutionized bait car sting operations. In September 1996, Pegasus Technologies was incorporated as a California Corporation and all assets were transferred to Pegasus Technologies, Inc 

Pegasus Technologies owns and markets the VectorTrac Stolen Vehicle Recovery System -- a novel and proprietary stolen vehicle tracking technology designed to allow private companies to monitor, track, and assist law enforcement in the recovery of stolen vehicles. This technology is being made available to worldwide markets. The VectorTrac system is currently operational in several cities worldwide and Pegasus is seeking expansion opportunities in all parts of the world. 

The current VectorTrac system is not available within the United States. Pegasus Technologies is designing a US version of the VectorTrac system that will revolutionize the stolen vehicle recovery industry.

Pegasus Technologies is currently seeking sales opportunities and partnerships in international markets. Contact Jason Cecchettini at Pegasus Technologies for more information.

Corporate Management

Jason Cecchettini, President and Chief Executive Officer
Robert Brownlee, Senior Vice President and Director of Engineering
Kyle White, Vice President of Software Development


Pegasus Technologies, Inc.
Placerville, CA 
Phone (916) 920-3274